The Latest Music and Video Happenings from Breadfoot for August 2014

Goodness. Summer in Carolina. Whew. Struggling with the heat and the slower nature of how things seem to think they oughta be getting done round here. Read some free will astorlogy thing the other week in the back end of the local independent weekly and it was on about preserverance and yeah I'm feeling if nothing else I've shown myself that I can keep trying to keep at it. Yup.

The keeping at it part mostly has everything to do with this album I've been wanting to get recorded. For those of ya that don't know it's to be called Salvatella. And I reckon it to be an Americana Tour de Force. Yessir. Gonna cover a lot of ground. From the good honest acoustic picking of the opening track Salvatella to the closing number Still Can't and it's Dixieland leanings.

Trick is to sort out a producer and a studio and well yeah the funds to make it all happen. Uhm guess ya guessed that getting all those bits in order is what requires the perserverance. Yup. Have had a couple bites. And a few dag is this nice stuff and all but still no commitments. Do have me a Kickstarter video idea mapped out. Figure I'm gonna get that put together and get it out to everyone both sides of the pond and beyond and yeah then once I have the money then I might be better able to go round and see who might be keen to get on board. Yup. Might be that it'll mostly be all about the money.

In the meantime. Messing. Yup. Been posting even more sketches in various states of disrepair to my Soundcloud page. Most recent one is called Ain't Even Yet. A vengeful little love song of a number. Got words for it and have been trying to hook up with Taz Halloween and get her to grace the tune with some of her amazing vocal stylings. In the meantime you can get an ear full of the original instrumental sketch as well as some other recent numbers like So It Goes and Lady Rocket Head right here at

Oh and here's one. Have for quite a few years been working up music for my good bud Brian over at Blight Productions. He recently revamped his website and I'm proud and pleaed to say that I'm represented as being a member of Team Blight. And sure there's a linlk to a special Soundcloud set I created on there but hey check out the whole site Brian's trip is documenting creativity and there's a whole host of great videos and interesting artists and performers featured in his work

Moving on to some video happens this one is pretty cool. Living in NYC I got to writing and recording and performing with the Antifolk Legend Paleface. Band we had was called Just About To Burn. One of my more favourite tunes from the record is called Good To Go and dag if it ain't featured in this independent film called The Karoake Brothers. Film is silly good fun and our tune plays over the end of the film and the closing credits. You can find it here

Oh and hey still taking videos I took myself down to the Doo Nanny Lo-fi Folk Arts Festival in Seale, Alabama a ways back. Had a couple of my shorts featured at the Woods of Wonder Film Fest end of it. If yer keen to see ya can check out the two films featured - Curbside and ClydeFEST - here on my Youtube Channel. And while yer there check out Firecracker Hat. Filmed that one at the Doo Nanny and then put it all together once i got myself on back home. Hope ya dig it.

Okaythen. That's about it for now. Thanks again for stopping by. Be sure to take yer time and have a good look see. Plenty of videos, pics and music to download right here on my site.

Much peace xoBF


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