Breadfoot News and What Not - January 2015

Couple weeks into the New Year and I still can't hardly believe it you all. Done took seven years to get her going but I'm pleased to say that the recording for my follow up to Tea With Leo has begun. Litle change of venues on account of production styles and values not jiving. But hey it happens and I'm real pleased with having landed at Pop Of The World in Greensboro, NC. Great bunch of folks there. Digging the collective culture that owner and chief engineer Randy Seals is working to foster. And tell ya what else is cool. Beyond the recording POTW is into creating a trans-media experience so why not go have alook see at what's all happening in the Back Lot Basement.

Right so cool. In addition to getting it done in the studio I been working on getting incentives sorted out for everyone who help to make getting Salvatella happen. Uhm also went a did up a video for the NPR Tiny Desk Concert Contest and you can check out that video plus a mess more if ya Click Here.

Alright then. Yup stay tuned for more updates about the albums progress. Ya ain'yt gonna get the full monty that our Kickstarter backers will be getting but we'll get ya informed and let ya know for sure when we get to allowing for pre-orders.

Yup, so in the meantime if'n yer needing an earful I been posting sketches in various states of disrepair to my Soundcloud page. Most recent one is an oldie but goodie from my first full length CD. Band was called The Mooncalves, the album was called Friends of The Young and Cynical Mr. Douglas and the tune is called Carnivore. Hope ya dig it.

Oh and here's one. Have for quite a few years been working up music for my good bud Brian over at Blight Productions. He's the one that did all the fine editing on my Kickstarter video and not long ago he revamped his website and I'm proud and pleaed to say that I'm represented as being a member of Team Blight. And sure there's a link to a special Soundcloud set I created on there but hey check out the whole site. Brian's trip is documenting creativity and there's a whole mess of great videos and interesting artists and performers featured in his work

Okaythen. That's about it for now. Thanks again for stopping by. Be sure to take yer time and have a good look see. Plenty of videos, pics and music to download right here on my site.

Much peace xoBF


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